The Year of the Bathroom


I wonder if people will look back fifty years from now, and call the year 2016 as the year of the bathroom. I am not a presidential campaign … [Read more...]

Assessment Day Fun


Encounter spending assessment day right.Posted by Encounter USI on Tuesday, March 29, 2016   … [Read more...]

Film Forum


On April 2nd at 7pm at Willard Building McDonald East MPR come enjoy the documentary "Craiglist Joe" with us. Below is a short synopsis of the … [Read more...]

NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge


We are hosting our annual Tournament Bracket Challenge. The winner will receive a $50 Visa Gift Card. You must be a USI student to qualify. Fill … [Read more...]

The Virtue of Hopelessness


This is a great article on the topic of hope. If you have time to read this piece in the Atlantic, you have so what of an idea about what we will … [Read more...]

Holy Ambition


Ambition is a word that needs reforming. It is perceived by some as a hunger for selfish gain or a willingness to do whatever is necessary to … [Read more...]

Obligation Overload


With the emergence of social media, it seems there is always another post reminding us of this issue or this concern or this cause. We are all … [Read more...]

The Many Manifestations of Pride


The third chapter of Kevin DeYoung's Crazy Busy offers a diagnoses to the disorder of busyness. The problem is not solely the fault of … [Read more...]

The Search for the Other Half


This is an excerpt from Os Guinness' book Fool's Talk in his seventh chapter entitled "Triggering the Signals." He introduces the issue that has … [Read more...]

Here, There, and Gone


In the second chapter of Kevin DeYong's time-management book Crazy Busy, we learn the dangers that are avoided when we seek to solve our busyness. … [Read more...]


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